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Mos Generator Premiere "Electric Mountain Majesty" Video —Exclusive

Pacific Northwest riff rock trio Mos Generator—Tony Reed (guitar, vocals), Scooter Haslip (bass) and Shawn Johnson (drums)—have recently released their new CD, Electric Mountain Majesty, which features 10 cuts of full of fuzzy, heady, psychotropic hard rock.

Today, we're pleased to premiere the debut of their new video of the album's groove heavy title track.

Check out the goodness below:

More about Mos Generator:

Washington state hard rock heroes Mos Generator released their new album, Electric Mountain Majesty, April 15 via Listenable Records. Recorded at HeavyHead Recording Company by guitarist/vocalist and engineer Tony Reed (who co-produced SAINT VITUS’ return album Lillie: F-65), Electric Mountain Majesty is the follow-up to Mos Generator‘s 2012 release Nomads,/em> and a record that has been advanced as “One of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2014."

In celebration of the new album’s impending release, Revolver is streaming Electric Mountain Majesty for music fans in its entirety. Rev up your Monday afternoon with a loud dose of the new Mos Generator album now at THIS location! A sprawling celebration of heavy amplification, fretboard psychotropics and kick ass heavy rock, Electric Mountain Majesty is unquestionably Mos Generator‘s finest hour of its decade-plus existence.From chest-beating metal salvos like the massively loud “Nothing Left But Night” and “Black Magic Mirror” to more nuanced, slow-burning fare like the spellbinding “Enter the Fire” through to colossal closer “Heavy Ritual," the album is an amalgam of nasty and effervescent, alternating between ugly doom tones and lofty emotiveness, resulting in an epic, colorful listen brimming with richly-nuanced, timeless music that drips with melody, muscle and cool. “Electric Mountain Majesty’ is an attempt to fuse our live energy and our usual controlled studio sound into something that I think is a nice forward step in the Mos Generator sound,” says Reed. “We didn’t over think the writing and recording process and we let more of our unconventional influences creep into the songwriting. In both composition and recording technique, this is the most diverse Mos Generator album to date.” Track Listing:
1.) Beyond the Whip
2.) Nothing Left but Night
3.) Enter the Fire
4.) Spectres
5.) Neon Nightmare
6.) Breaker
7.) Early Mourning
8.) Electric Mountain Majesty
9.) Black Magic Mirror
10.) Heavy Ritual