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Nick Johnston Premieres New Song, "Hypergiant"

A few weeks back, Nick Johnston released the title track from his upcoming album, Remarkably Human. Today we present another morsel from that deliciously smooth musical pie in his second single release, the uplifting "Hypergiant."

Consisting of emotionally compelling melodies and calculated transitions, "Hypergiant" lives up to its name. A remarkably big song, each section takes us to a new place on the harmonious map of Nick’s creativity. But we never feel lost; instead, we welcome each turn and are seamlessly delivered to the place we’re meant to arrive.

With the song clocking in at nearly eight minutes, Johnston leaves plenty of space for the music to develop, yet isn't shy about keeping things interesting. With staple Nick Johnston embellishments galore, he exposes the zenith of his sentiment with a sultry, wah-infused solo at the summit of the "Hypergiant" mountain, paying off those who were willing to travel there with him.

Since this is the second tune released from Johnston’s new album, it’s easy to hear the cohesiveness between the two singles so far, from the instrumentation to the tone to the arrangements. The connection between the outstanding musicians on this record is obvious, and while we have to sit tight until September 27 for Remarkably Human to be released, something tells me it'll be worth the wait.

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