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Paul Gilbert Premieres "Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal" Music Video

Paul Gilbert recently released the official music video for a new song, "Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal."

The song, which you can check out below, is from Gilbert's new album, I Can Destroy, which was released May 27.

"I lived in Los Angeles for around 20 years," Gilbert told "I love the place, but the driving can wear thin.

"I recently moved to Portland, Oregon, where I can walk and ride my bicycle everywhere. I'm hoping my misanthropic tendencies will relax a bit from being a pedestrian. Musically, I like that the riff swings. I love that the word 'goddamn' is sung with big, beautiful harmonies. And I like making the turn signal sound with my guitar by picking muted high strings. The solo is a trade-off with me first, then Freddie and then Tony. The original performance had a much longer solo, but I cut it shorter for the album. Live, I'll probably make it long again."

We've also included another new video featuring Gilbert. In the bottom clip, which was posted last week, the guitarist plays some Randy Rhoads licks and discusses his plan—when he was a teenager—to replace Rhoads.