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Paul McCartney Premieres "Early Days" Music Video

Paul McCartney has premiered the new music video for "Early Days," and you can check it out below.

The song is from the former Beatle's latest album, 2013's New.

As McCartney told Rolling Stone, "When I've got a song, I don't think about the video. I'm sure some people do, but I don’t. I just think about the song, first writing it, then recording it."

However, director Vincent Haycock sent McCartney a video treatment for "Early Days" that caught the singer's eye. "It's a memory song for me, about me and John in the early days," McCartney said. "But Vince came up with this great idea: Instead of having young lookalikes of me and John walking the streets of Liverpool, guitars slung over our backs, and literally acting out the song, what if it was any two aspiring musicians? I thought that was such a cool idea."

As part of the clip, Haycock traveled to Los Angeles to film a jam session between McCartney and some friends, including Johnny Depp, who keeps turning up in McCartney's videos.

"I happened to ring Johnny Depp," McCartney said. "I said, 'Come along and we'll sit around and jam with these blues guys.' He said, 'Yeah, OK, count me in, man.' I knew it was an offer he couldn't refuse."

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook!