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Ritchie Blackmore Hints at Future Rainbow Gigs

In a wide-ranging interview with Dutch radio station Radio Veronica, Ritchie Blackmore hinted that more gigs might be in the cards for his recently reuinted band, Rainbow.

He also revealed in the interview that he was, at one point, considering a reunion with former Deep Purple bandmates David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes.

Asked in the interview if there had been offers for more Rainbow comeback shows, Blackmore said, "Yes. Many. But I wanted to see how the three went. If they were disastrous and we had accepted more, it was gonna be awkward. We might do a few more shows again.

"I enjoyed especially the last one in England. The first two were a little bit intense, because we hadn't played together ... we hadn't done a lot of rehearsing, so the first two shows were a bit hectic and chaotic. But the last one in Birmingham was... obviously, we'd played two shows at that point, and that seemed to work, to me. And it was great to see all the old people... I mean, it was so weird how... I think it was twenty thousand people... It sold out in fifteen minutes. And I kind of wondered who they thought was playing, 'cause when I got to the auditorium, it was so vast that I thought, 'Maybe somebody else is playing this show tonight.'"