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Steve Vai: How to Unlock Your Creative Potential

Steve Vai is not just a virtuoso guitarist—he’s also a deep thinker who integrates his philosophical outlook into every aspect of his life, including, and especially, his music.

In these fascinating clips, Vai reveals his insights as he and Glow Living host Chandra Lynn discuss the Law of Attraction and how to unlock your creative potential.

The first video focuses on the Law of Attraction and how your thoughts and emotions during the creative process can perpetuate the energy that you bring to your work.

“My whole goal in life is to deepen the peace that I already have,” Vai explains. “And whatever you create—whatever it is—you perpetuate that energy that you’re focusing on when you’re creating it.”

“If you’re in a state of frustration and anger, and then you create something, it’s impossible for that energy not to flow into what you’re doing. And what it does is it perpetuates that in your own life. You create more of what you’re focusing on.”

Vai and Lynn discuss the Law of Attraction and how to manage those dark emotions and work through them.

“There’s a particular line of thinking that says in order to get past certain emotional obstacles in your life, you have to express them, and you have to create—it helps you get through them with your art,” Vai says.

“I don’t buy into that at all. I think whatever you’re focusing on you create more of in yourself and in the world.”

Take a look. As you would expect from Steve, there’s a lot of interesting concepts here, and the discussion is well worth watching more than once.

When you’re done, be sure to visit Chandra Lynn’s YouTube channel, Glow Living, and the Glow Living website.