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Stolen or Lost Ax? Trace Your Hoffee Guitar Case with Snagg GPS Unit

Snagg, a pioneer in asset recovery, recently partnered with Hoffee Cases, a guitar case manufacturer, for a project that will enable law enforcement to track their guitar cases if they are lost or stolen.

Beginning this spring, Hoffee will begin offering Snagg GPS units and RFID microchips that will be installed in their carbon-fiber guitar and instrument cases. The GPS units can be traced by police if a case is stolen or misplaced.

Snagg GPS units are about the size of a Tic Tac mints container and can be concealed in a variety of valuables. Once embedded into an item, it can be tracked in real time. The units use a partnership network of more than 500 providers in more than 175 countries.

Services start at $49 per year. The basic yearly service includes a daily email update of the unit’s location and remaining battery life. If the time comes to increase the tracking frequency beyond daily tracking, a web upgrade or phone call to Snagg will remotely upgrade the unit to the necessary frequency.

“Hoffee Cases is on the cutting edge of instrument protection, so we're proud and excited to partner with Snagg in offering GPS tracking and microchip ID,” said Jeff Hoffee, president of Hoffee.

“Snagg GPS tracking brings the ultimate technology to an already top-notch instrument case,” says Snagg CIO Brian Schuh.

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