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Vexes Premiere "Helion" Guitar Playthrough

Vexes—a new experimental rock/metal project featuring former members of A Life Once Lost and Fury of Five—are currently gearing up to release their debut album, Ancient Geometry, on February 23. Today, presents the exclusive premiere of the playthrough video for one of the album's most stellar cuts, "Helion." You can watch it above.

The video features Vexes guitarist John Klagholz, who also owns the studio where the album was recorded.

“We produced and engineered this record ourselves, which fortunately allowed us to really take our time and find the tones we wanted," Klagholz told Guitar World. "In the studio, we relied heavily on a Radial jd7 injector. It’s basically a splitter that allows us to track several amps at once and sum into a signal guitar sound."

"For the playthrough, I used my custom Balaguer Growler Baritone in 27” scale with a single volume control and a built in kill switch, made by Joe Balaguer at Balaguer Guitars," he continued. "It’s an excellent company from Pennsylvania for which I am proud to be an endorsee. The guitar is outfitted with a single Fishman Fluence Modern pickup with a 'coil splitting function' that really allows me to get a rugged tone when I need it and a bit less ignorant tone when necessary. It is an incredibly diverse pickup and by rolling off the volume knob I can easily navigate through some of our more “ambient” passages. However, for a song like 'Helion' is where the pickup really shines. I couldn’t be happier with the guitar.”

You can preorder Ancient Geometry here.

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