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Video: Guitar Headstock Receives Custom Metallic Swirl Paint Job

Several months ago, we shared a video titled "Guitar Receives Custom Metallic Swirl Paint Job."

The mesmerizing seven-minute-long video, which shows how a guitar gets a custom metallic swirl paint job, was one of our most popular stories that month and was shared nearly 12,000 times on Facebook.

Today, we're glad to bring you the sequel, if you will. This time, you get to see how that guitar's headstock receives its own custom metallic swirl paint job.

This video, like the last one, was posted by a YouTube user named MrDean2005, who we're pretty sure is from the U.K. Here's the info he posted with the new video:

"Here we have another custom swirl. This one is the headstock in metallic silver and black to go with the Darrel Westray Custom body swirl already on YouTube. Once again, these two colors go extremely well together. When finished and put together, I think chrome hardware will look really sexy!

"We have now clear-coated the body and headstock and are waiting to complete this guitar with all the hardware and pickups."