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Video: Guitar Receives Custom Metallic Swirl Paint Job

We know patience is a rare virtue these days, especially when it comes to watching videos online, but we recommend that you watch this clip to the end.

The mesmerizing seven-minute-long video, which was posted earlier this month by a YouTube user named MrDean2005, shows how a guitar gets a custom metallic swirl paint job. In this case, the colors are metallic silver and black.

MrDean2005, who we're pretty sure is from the UK, posted the following information with the video:

"This is another Darrel Westray custom guitar, swirled using metallic silver and black. These two colors go really well together, like peaches and cream.

"My next video be the headstock to match this body. This is my second swirl video using metallic colors. Go to MrDean2005 to see our metallic gold and black custom guitar swirl."

  • Luthier: Darrel Westray
  • Swirling and finishing: MrDean2005

Enjoy! We sure as hell did.