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Watch Andy Gillion and Paul Wardingham unleash a menagerie of other-worldly lead lines in this exclusive playthrough

Earlier this year, composer and electric guitar virtuoso Andy Gillion released his debut solo album, Neverafter. It’s a record packed full of winding solos, gorgeous harmonies and rapid-fire sweeps which all together create a instrumentally stunning audio landscape which is sure to envelop and inspire any listener.

With an appearance from Arch Enemy guitarist Jeff Loomis, and a beautiful vocal performance on the track Aria by Christina Marie, guests artists appear aplenty.

Today, Guitar World premieres a playthrough of the mystical sounding track Hiraeth with the man himself and featured guitarist, Paul Wardingham. Throughout the performance, Gillion showcases his compositional proficiency, with melodic harmonized lines, descending tapping passages and precise alternate picking sections.

Wardingham enters at 2:08, with enthralling tapping and sweep picking lines, and dominant use of his Floyd Rose trem.

Neverafter is out now via Gillion Records. You can pick it up at Andy’s online store.