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Watch Ice-T and Body Count's Killer Cover of Slayer's "Raining Blood"

(Image credit: Mark Horton/Getty Images)

When Ice-T and Body Count decided to post their very first Periscope video last week (June 29), they did it in typically grand fashion—by covering Slayer's "Raining Blood."

True, they filmed it vertically, but as stated on the YouTube version of the clip, it's Ice-T's "first time [on Periscope], so get over the vertical camera filming"!

For a completely impromptu, on-the-fly cover, we have to admit it's pretty badass.

"Raining Blood," which turns 30 years old this fall, was written by Slayer's Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King. Author D.X. Ferris said that "when Hanneman wrote the song, he envisioned a scene from a dark street or bloody back alley" and later went on to say that the song "described a banished soul awakened and hungry for vengeance." The second verse was written by King, who "pick[ed] up on Hanneman's title and in his new direction." The song, like the rest of the Reign in Blood album, was recorded in 1986 in Los Angeles with producer Rick Rubin.

Body Count are set to release a new album in 2017. It will be the followup to 2014's Manslaughter. For more about the band, visit