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Watch Queen Rehearse "We Are the Champions" In the Studio

A vintage eight-minute clip of Queen rehearsing and recording their classic song, “We Are the Champions,” during the studio sessions for 1977’s News of the World has surfaced. 

At the top of the clip, singer Freddie Mercury can been seen answering a journalist’s question about whether the enjoys working in the studio:

“Yes,” Mercury responds. “You can get sick of it though. Especially now. [So] we’ve decided that on our albums we wouldn’t spend as much time as we’ve done in the past… Especially with News of the World, I think we actually did decide before we went in [that] it was going to be a short album as far as Queen standards are concerned.

“We had something like a week-and-a-half, two weeks to actually write all the material. And it was nice. We didn’t fall into this thing of it being overripe before we actually recorded it.”