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We Came As Romans Guitarist Lou Cotton's 2015 Summer Tour Survival Guide

In this feature from the October 2015 issue of Guitar World, the guitarists of Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet For My Valentine, We Came As Romans and other metal acts tell how they'll beat the heat and tame the crowds on the season's biggest tours.

TODAY: We Came As Romans guitarist Lou Cotton

Tips for playing in extreme heat

On Warped Tour the temperatures can get pretty extreme. I always make sure to drink a ridiculous amount of water. Other than that, just try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Must-have on-the-road item

Never leave the bus without your tour pass. It’s basically your Warped Tour wallet. It gets you access to wherever you need to go and has a barcode on it, that allows you to get catering.

Best live show I’ve ever seen

When I was a freshman in high school, the Used announced a free show at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. I skipped school and hitched a ride from one of my senior friends. It was the hottest, most chaotic show. I knew then and there that I wanted to be on that stage with my own band one day.

Best song I’ve heard this year

We recently did an Australian tour with our friends in Beartooth. Their song “In Between” is really catchy. I caught myself singing it the entire tour.

Gear I couldn’t live without

I love my new ESP E-II Eclipse. I decided on a purple finish, which looks really unique. I’m stoked on it.

Here's the video for "Regenerate":

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