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Yngwie Malmsteen Discusses Guitar Gods Tour, His Signature Strat, Effects and More — Exclusive Video

Early last month, just as his Guitar Gods tour was getting off the ground, Yngwie Malmsteen visited the Guitar World studio in New York City.

Why? To melt some faces, of course!

If you missed our exclusive performance video from his visit, you can check it out RIGHT HERE.

Of course, Malmsteen also submitted himself to a quick-fire Q&A, during which he discussed his Guitar Gods tour, his signature Fender Stratocaster, effect pedals, his new line of Fender accessories and much more.

In the exclusive Guitar World video below, the venerable guitarist discusses how he compiles and changes his sets from night to night, his famous scalloped fretboards, the one pedal he can't perform without and more. Check it out below. For more of this exclusive Q&A, head HERE.