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Zakk Wylde Talks Chicken Pickin' and Finding His Style

When Zakk Wylde joined Ozzy Osbourne's band in 1987, he was filling the shoes of one of his idols, the late Randy Rhoads. It wasn't an easy task; just ask Jake Lee and Brad Gillis. Yet somehow, Wylde managed to transcend the comparisons and impossible shoe-filling by blazing his own trail.

In this brand-new video, posted by the gang at Reverb, the Black Label Society frontman (whose new solo album was just unleashed upon the masses) discusses how he avoided imitation and forged his trademark sound through an extensive use of pentatonic scales and chicken pickin'.

Wylde is a student of the guitar as much as he is a master of building his own brand. He actually partnered with Schecter to build his own line of guitars under the Wylde Audio badge; he's even playing a Wylde Audio Warhammer in the video below.

For more about Wylde Audio, head here. For more about Wylde's new album, Book of Shadows II, step right this way.