THE FINE PRINT: Black Tide Pays GW a Visit

We certainly have no shortage of celebrity guitarists coming through our doors for interviews, photo shoots and video lessons, and this week was no exception. Yngwie Malmsteen made his first ever GW office appearance this week, and while I'm not the biggest Yngwie fan on earth ("I'll See the Light, Tonight" kicks ass though), it was still a thrill to meet the man we regularly hail as the god of gods. Steve Winwood, famous for his work in Traffic and Blind Faith (with Eric Clapton) was also a guest this week, and we just filmed a video interview with Gabriel and Alex from Black Tide. They're group of under-twenties from Florida who who have a very classic thrash sound...while they were here I had them show how they play Metallica's "Hit the Lights," which is a song on their debut album, which comes out this month on Interscope. Nice guys, check em out if you're into precision riffing, flailing solos and upper-register vocals.JK