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"Five More Guitar Tricks" to Learn More Amazing Techniques — Video

Recently we shared UptempoMusicLessons’ video showing “Five Tricks to Make People Think You Are Amazing at Guitar.”

Today, we’re happy to share their video showing “Five More Guitar Tricks to Make People Think You Are Amazing.” Here, Ed shows you how to perform pick harmonics (à la Billy Gibbons/Joe Satriani), behind-the-nut bends, one-hand legato using hammer-ons and pull-offs, tremolo picking and tap harmonics.

Of course, once you are actually able to perform these techniques, people won’t simply “think” you’re an amazing guitarist—they’ll freakin’ know it! So watch the video, and start to be amazing!

As with the other lesson, the folks at UptempoMusicLessons provide TAB, to make the deal ever sweeter! Check it out right here.

You can find more helpful videos at Uptempo’s YouTube channel.