Rock Stars: Guitar World Horoscopes, Week of August 22, 2012

Is this the right time to record the rock opera you've been putting off? Should you join that death-metal-bluegrass band? Check in every week with Margaret Santangelo's Rock Stars column.

ARIES: Expect a tumultuous week as your ruling planet, Mars, enters powerful Scorpio, imparting you with the strength and determination to engender major transformations in partnerships. You may be tempted to prioritize practical matters, like work, before the resolution of romantic turbulence. Finding a balance between fulfilling your daily responsibilities and pursuing profound, spiritual matters is exceedingly difficult. Throwing yourself into your work may not be such a bad idea right now; give an opponent time to stew and focus on yourself this week.

TAURUS: Mars enters Scorpio, influencing your seventh house of partnerships, causing aggressive feelings and repressed resentments for a romantic interest or colleague to bubble up to the surface. Confrontation and aggression may escalate matters unnecessarily; take a creative approach to resolving differences with a partner. Therapy with an unbiased party could be one way to diffuse the intense dynamic between you and a loved one.

GEMINI: The Sun’s entry into Virgo brings increased responsibilities at home. Luckily, motivational Mars entering Scorpio fuels you with the confidence and drive to accomplish domestic tasks. A conflict between your rational thoughts and your intuitive feelings forces problematic issues out in the open. If you feel backed into a corner and under too much pressure to make a choice before you are ready, defer any decisions for a few weeks.

CANCER: Excessive worrying and agonizing have taken a toll on your body and spirit. Although Cancers are usually most comfortable at home; a last-minute spontaneous trip or visit to a friend could provide the private space you need to reflect on important issues weighing you down. Let loose and have some fun now; in a few weeks you can approach an important personal decision with a renewed sense of peace and mental clarity.

LEO: The Sun enters practical Virgo and forces your attention to your finances. A conflict between your desire to pursue your true calling and your need to earn money to fulfill obligations may finally be resolved this week. An opportunity to increase your income by doing something that represents a radical departure from your past. Keep an open mind and be receptive to unconventional concepts and new ideas.

VIRGO: The Sun enters your sign this week, marking the beginning of your new personal solar cycle. You have been working your butt off for months and right now you crave the company of good friends, fun times and socializing. However, this independent spirit and desire for freedom may conflict with your partner’s need for support and attention. Express repressed frustration by communicating clearly with loved ones. Mars in Scorpio enables you to articulate your innermost feelings honestly and openly, thereby eliminating building tension before a blow out.

LIBRA: An introverted mood sweeps over you as the Sun enters Virgo, prompting you to seek out time alone with your thoughts and feelings. By channeling this deep-seated spiritual angst into creative self-expression enables you to process these intense, profound emotions. This week, Mars finally departs Libra, your sign, and enters Scorpio, marking the end to a trying period of intense upheaval. As your innate sense of balance slowly returns over the next few weeks, so will your desire to come out of your shell. But for the time being, indulge and enjoy your solitude.

SCORPIO: The moon and Mars both enter your sign, revving you up and filling you with drive, vitality, and motivation. The Sun’s entry into Virgo prompts you to crave the company of friends and family, so socializing is one mode for channeling your seemingly boundless energy. In between parties and lunch dates, however, crafty Scorpios will be busy devising a game plan and professional strategy. The only danger is that you will spread yourself – and your focus – way too thin. Maintain balance.

SAGITTARIUS: Bring your career aspirations down to earth with the Sun’s entry into sensible Virgo. You have the ability to reassess professional aspirations, and eliminate or scale down activities related to endeavors that are impractical, fledgling, or excessively draining. Seek out the advice of a trusted colleague; outside guidance enables you to step back and evaluate your goals with an objective, realistic point of view.

CAPRICORN: You may grapple with a challenging choice when an unusual and unexpected professional opportunity arises out of the blue. Despite your intrigue and interest, you may be reluctant to pursue it for financial reasons. As a Capricorn, your financial stability is a top priority, and you rarely sacrifice security to take risks. However, consider the potential future rewards before you make a rash decision against an extraordinary offer. A comparable one may not come your way again.

AQUARIUS: The week, indulge serious soul searching about where you are going, what you want to do, and how you plan to get there. You may need to shut out all the unsolicited opinions and well-meaning advice of others. Eliminating outside noise helps you to zero in on what is most important to you: honoring your soul purpose, despite the opinions of overbearing band mates, colleagues, or advisors.

PISCES: Your completely focused on your romantic partnerships as the Sun enters Virgo. You are torn between your need for autonomy and independence and your Piscean desire to lose yourself completely in a relationship. Such inner conflict demands resolution this week. A spiritual approach to resolving inner conflict is most effective. Reach deep with the recesses of your soul to search for answers, and you will easily resolve this emotional dilemma.

Margaret Santangelo is a New York City-based freelance writer and astrologer specializing in the astrology of rock and roll. She has been a contributor to Guitar World, XXL, CosmoGirl!, Seventeen and other publications over the past 15 years.

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