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Biography: Mutemath

In 2001, front man Paul Meany and drummer Darren King began a long-distance collaboration that would wind up creating the energetic rock group, Mutemath.

Though without much commercial success, Mutemath became an underground hit of sorts by using social media and performances on talk shows as a catalyst for their success. Specifically, the band’s performances on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and David Letterman's show gave the band quite the fan base.

Mutemath’s live performances have been praised for their high energy. Band members will frequently switch instruments live, many times in the middle of the song.

Mutemath’s influences of space rock and new wave, along with Meany and King’s energy, makes the band a fresh breath of air in today’s rock. Meany’s signature keytar and King’s aggressive drum rolls are what gives Mutemath an edge.

Meany’s previous group, the Christian rock Earthsuit, had begun breaking up as King and he recruited guitarist Greg Hill. The three would soon record together, play occasional shows here and there, and late added bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas to the mix.

After releasing the EP Reset in 2004, Mutemath debuted their first studio album, the self-titled Mutemath, in 2006 to great critical acclaim. Lead single “Typical,” received minor airplay but could be found all over TV. Their performance of the song on Jimmy Kimmel's show featured a memorable spot where Meany knocked out many of the band’s lights on stage with his keytar.

“Typical” could be found on various commercials, and was featured on "American Idol." In 2008, the song received a Grammy nomination for “Best Short Form Video.“ A second single, “Chaos,” would be released to little success.

The band would be featured on Transformers: The Album with “Transformers Theme.” The song would peak at 120 on the Billboard charts. In 2008, Mutemath would be featured on the Twilight soundtrack as well, with “Spotlight.”

“Spotlight” would also be the lead single from Mutemath’s sophomore effort, 2009's Armistice. The song featured a catchy guitar riff, and as always, King’s fast-paced drumming and Meany’s spacey Richard Patrick-esque vocals. Armistice debuted at No. 18 on the Billboard charts, but would not sustain that success due to lack of airplay. Reviews of the album were mixed.

In October 2010, Greg Hill left the band and was replaced with guitarist Todd Gummerman. A year later, Mutemath released their third album, Odd Soul. Though perhaps a bit more experimental and less commercial than the previous two albums, Odd Soul still features Mutemath sticking to their spacey sound and quick drum beats.