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CD Review: Benny Walker - Chosen Line

(Image credit: supplied by label)

Chosen Line

On his smoky and raw – yet at all turns inescapably groovy – third album, Benny Walker embraces the guitar as a tool to reckon with, affirm and (most importantly) conjure emotions. 

He dips into funk territory on the silky and upbeat “All Ya Gotta Do Is Call”, loose and jangly noodling carried along with a deep bassline and simmering keys; on “I Don’t Blame You”, where he pushes the subject to chase the fire in their heart, he digs deep into his own and emerges with a downright gnarly solo. 

Most noteworthy is how much ground Walker covers in the 14 tight and tempreate cuts – from roaring blues and passionate soul to tender folk and rugged country, glimmers of pop and that aforementioned funky spark, we’re treated to a wealth of ups and downs, almost all of them immediately captivating.