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Stand Atlantic - Pink Elephant album review

(Image credit: supplied by label)

Pink Elephant

Like the pop-punk greats in whose footsteps they follow, Stand Atlantic have taken their coveted sophomore album as a chance to build upon the nexus of plucky, distorted hooks and booming, singalong-ready choruses that made their debut turn heads in 2018. 

The production is beefed up, the guitars are tighter (and on key cuts like “Jurassic Park” and “Hate Me”, downright inhumanly catchy), and scattered amongst the standard stack of 4/4 push‑pit bangers are a few left-field gems that highlight the sprawling scope of the Sydney foursome’s polychromatic chemistry – see “Drink To Drown” and “Silk & Satin” especially. 

The way rifflord David Potter weaves around Bonnie Fraser’s every volatile howl and heartstrung twill is simply magical. Prepare to smash the heck out of your replay buttons.