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In Conversation with Cori Elliott and Matt Tunney of The Vim Dicta

Based out of Los Angeles' Silver Lake area, the Vim Dicta is a three-piece rock band that strives to bring the "psycho groove" to the masses.

Judging by their two most recent shows (July 15 at the Satellite and August 7 at the Silver Lake Lounge), it's fair to say they're moving in the right direction.

The Vim Dicta features guitarists/vocalists Cori Elliott and Matt Tunney and drummer Chris "Fuse" Infusino. Their music is all about smokey vocals and funky guitars combined with ear-shattering low-end rhythms, all wrapped up in a psychedelic vibe, in a manner that catches the eyes and ears straightaway.

A few days after their show at the Satellite, I sat down with Elliott and Tunney to discuss all things Vim Dicta. Check out the audio of the 15-minute conversation below, read my review of the Satellite show HERE and visit them online at

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