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Drown This City - Colours We Won’t Know EP review

Drown This City
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Colours We Won't Know

By way of her rich, incandescent storytelling, Drown This City frontwoman Alex Reade seeks the beauty in darkness. It’s with this in mind that Colours We Won’t Know, the landmark new EP from the Melbournian metal warriors, truly clicks: at once ethereal and acerbic – halcyon and silvery, while steeped in raw, ravenous savagery – the record spends 20 mind-melting, boundary-breaking minutes freezing its listener in a trance. 

It’s a paradoxic onslaught of brutally distorted, downtuned riffs and concrete-shattering roars accented with angelic, soaring melodies over which Reade beams radiantly with a voice suited more for the opera than a mosh pit. Repeat listens are crucial to appreciate these layered and luminous soundscapes.