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Erra - Self-Titled album review

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Erra (self-titled)

When they come late in a band’s tenure, self-titled albums tend to reflect radical stylistic departures – rock bands going pop, metal bands going rock, etcetera. But fans of Alabama shredders Erra need not panic, as LP6 is not some legacy-tarring fizzle but a rich, concentrated distillation of everything the fivesome excel at: punchy, pummelling riffs down-tuned and drenched in distortion, bright choral leads that roar with luminous aplomb, and crunchy, speaker-testing breakdowns that mosh-fiends will certainly fall head over heels for. 

Admittedly the hourlong jaunt tends to overstay its welcome when taken as one cohesive, cover-to-cover work. But when you hop in for a track or two at a time, you’re in for a treat – a thick, fast and brutal-as-f*** treat.