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Exclusive: Stream Abysmal Dawn's Newly Reissued Debut Album, 'From Ashes'

So maybe you're a little groggy after the long weekend and need some help getting through that afternoon slump on your first day back at the office.

No worries, because we've got the exclusive stream of Abysmal Dawn's newly reissued debut album, From Ashes, to get you through the rest of your week!

The Los Angeles-based death metal act's widely heralded debut album was originally released back in 2006, and has now been fully remastered for this special release from Relapse. The new version also contains three demos of key album tracks circa 2004.

From Ashes is out today via Relapse, and you can pick it up right now on iTunes or Relapse's web store. Also, be sure to head over and "like" the guys on Facebook!