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Metallica's Death Magnetic: Reader Reviews

Death Magnetic is finally out, and we want to know what you think! Curious about what we think? Here are some of our impressions now that we've spent a few days listening to it:

* Best Metallica record since the Black Album

* Amazing, vintage-style Hetfield galloping/chugging riffs. Blazing Hammett solos.

* Album has terrific pacing...numerous songs start off at once pace and build and build to a frenetic speed metal crescendo, always making you feel like the song ended on a brilliantly energetic note.

* Standout tracks: "All Nightmare Long" (best Metallica song since 1991), "That Was Just Your Life," "My Apocalypse" and "Judas Kiss." Weakest song: "Cyanide." Decent ones: "The End of the Line," "Broken, Beat and Scarred," "Suicide & Redemption."

* James' vocals are okay, maybe a little too clean this time. Not gruff enough for our tastes (he kills on "All Nightmare Long," though).

* Overall, the record is a pleasant surprise: it totally rips in many places, and has many more highlights than lowlights.

Now we want to know what you think. Add your comments below!