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Playlist: Monte Money (Escape the Fate)

Originally published in Guitar World, Holiday 2010

Escape the Fate's Monte Money reveals what's in his iPod.

“Beat It”—Michael Jackson

“This song has it all, from a bad-ass riff to a great melody and a ripping Eddie Van Halen solo. Who wouldn’t have this song in their top five?”

“Master of Puppets” —Metallica

“Perfect for getting my blood pumping before a show.”

“Hot for Teacher” —Van Halen

“Our drummer, Robert [Ortiz], and I love jamming this song during rehearsals.”

“Through the Fire and Flames”—DragonForce

“When I want to get the fire flowing through my fingers, this is the song to do it. The insane speed gets me going.”

“Kickstart My Heart” —Mötley Crüe

“The title speaks for itself. If I’m on my way to a party or I just want to hear a great in-your-face rock tune, I blast this song.”