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Poll: What Is Eddie Van Halen's Best Guitar Solo?

You could go back and forth for years trying to choose the best Eddie Van Halen guitar solo on any individual Van Halen album.

But to try to pick his best guitar solo ever? Damn near impossible.

But we want you to give it a shot!

With decades of Van Halen music to choose from, covering different eras and lineups and a brand-new album, A Different Kind Of Truth, the options are almost limitless. Do you prefer the work of the young, raw Edward? The middle-period, short-haired version? Or the modern-day version who's tearing up North American stages as we speak?

Regardless of your choice, there's one thing most people can agree on: He changed the face of rock guitar playing forever.

Please take the poll below and let your voice be heard. Thanks for voting!

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