Reader Reviews: Van Halen's 'A Different Kind of Truth'

Van Halen's first album with David Lee Roth in 28 years, A Different Kind of Truth, moved over 180,000 copies in its first week on sale. That was enough to land it at No. 2 on the Billboard charts.

While the reaction to new Van Halen material was mixed after the release of the album's first single, "Tattoo," was released, the critical response to A Different Kind of Truth has more or less been overwhelmingly positive.

Last week, we asked you to chime in and give us your thoughts on the new album. You can check out everyone's sentiments below, but we've picked out some of our favorites to highlight here.

"Even with the absence of Michael Anthony, it still feels and sounds like classic VH. THIS is what the fans wanted, they wanted classic Roth-era material, got it. " - mojo_zangus

"Kicking off with bluesy, front-porch swing acoustic guitar and coalescing to a full-tilt twelve-bar romp, “Stay Frosty” is “Ice Cream Man”’s delinquent baby brother. But instead of milking frozen confections for double-entendre, Roth juxtaposes the dogma of institutionalized religions with armchair philosophy, like a vaudevillian Robert Fulghum, or ADHD Descartes." - Pete Roche

"As a longtime VH fan I did'nt have high expectations for this album.Wow was I wrong!Eddie is on fire on this album!This is one heavy, rocking album." - leftycarvin

"Van Halen has come through in a big way. This album would easily fit in their earlier Roth catalog. Ed's tone and riffs are some of the best he has ever released and I too am hoping they can keep it together long enough to keep recording and grow as a band." - mbryan67

"Dave's voice is weak and lost in the mix to hide it, production sucks on everything but 'Tattoo' and 'Stay Frosty.' Thin drums and muddy bass. I'll still go see them live but this disk sure won't see alot of use." - Peteski

"This new album is an outstanding return to the classic VH sound. No keyboards or ballads. Nothing but straight up rockers and the welcome return of DLR. It's a great sounding recording, the band is super tight, Alex is awesome as usual, DLR sounds great (let's face it - he never was a great singer just a fun stylist) and even Wolfy sounds great. (I do admit that Michael Anthony really should be part of this return but whatever...) The most welcome surprise is the fact that Eddie sounds absolutely inspired!! He's playing like he has something to prove and showing the world that he still is every bit the guitar god that we always knew he was." - shredabilly

"I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was great how a lot of the songs have that progressive sound with fast timing and drumming. Eddie Van Halen does a lot of awesome shredding on this album with his great lead playing and his great rhythm playing and riffs ( I love him for his rhythm playing as much if not more than his tasty leads). Eddie Van Halen is an awesome shredder without trying to be a shredder. Hes got it honest and puts together great songs." - nihilist74

"Good guitar record, the one and only problem with this new project: David Lee Roth." - rafalmeidas

"While I agree with most that Tattoo is the weakest song, the album as a whole is way beyond my expectations. This is exactly what I was hoping for. DRL obviously can't hit those high notes, but he still sounds like classic Roth. No one writes lyrics like him, and I was smiling through every song." - jcDesigns

"Man they nailed it right outta the gate. Eddie's on tone-fire. Wolfgang's drivin' it. Alex is pounding like only he can. Dave's still got pipes and has written lyrics that tell the tale." - millop

"Eddie is one the great guitarists of all time. However, this album sounds exactly like what it is...Old tunes that didn't make the cut then being rehashed and churned out to make an album to tour behind. Much of it sounds really forced." - strat714

"In classic cocky David Lee Roth fashion, the bridge of Blood and Fire Dave tells us 'I told you I was coming back...Say you miss me...Say it like you mean it!' Yes Dave, we missed you and Van Halen. Welcome back!" - BillyVoight

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