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Video: Guitar World Plays New Rocksmith Game, Episode 4

Here's another episode of the "Guitar World Plays Rocksmith" video series, where different Guitar World staffers play Rocksmith, a new authentic guitar game.

Rocksmith was created by Ubisoft, and it represents the next stage in the evolution of the guitar game. It's the first and only guitar game that lets you plug in with your own guitar (NOTE: You can use your own guitar; I keep reading Facebook comments like "You should be out there playing a REAL guitar!" -- this IS a real guitar -- YOUR guitar), and it's available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The game teaches you how to play guitar, charts your progress and builds your skills as you play.

So far, we've seen two episodes with Gear Editor Paul Riario (See the stories in the "Related Content" to the left to check them out) and one with intern Nick Vallese. This new episode also features Nick playing "Dawn of the Chord Dead," another game within Rocksmith.

Stay tuned for more episodes! In the meantime, check out for more info about Rocksmith.

And now, here's Nick playing Rocksmith: