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Wax Chattels - Clot album review

Wax Chattels - Clot
(Image credit: Supplied)


Defying all possible rules of logic, Wax Chattels have brewed up an album of rich and riveting guitar riffs that doesn’t actually feature a single guitar. 

Just shy of 40 minutes long, the Kiwi trio proffer Clot as rugged and raw as it comes: it’s a headfirst dive into a callous chasm of grinding bass leads, wailing distortion and loose, thrashing drums, little care favoured to structure or flow as they explore jazzy bouts of improv and walloping drops of electronic chaos. 

It’s ballsy and blistering dance-punk for the post-dystopian underground club scene the distant future awaits, fast-tracked to serve as the soundtrack for 2020’s last chunk of clusterf***ery. 

Here stands a record primed for late-night drives at deadly speeds, cheap beer benders and those midweek morning commutes where you just need to let out some angst.