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AXOLOGY: Jay Turser Guitars Teams Up with Graph Tech

Jay Turser Guitars now features Graph Tech NuBone nuts and saddles on its instruments to deliver improved tuning performance and tone, as well as precision string slotting.

Nuts and bridges made of NuBone contribute enhanced harmonic sustain and rich, uncolored tone, and they can be manufactured to exact specifications within .002 of an inch. Graph Tech will custom make each NuBone nut and saddle for Jay Turser to ensure a perfect fit.

"If you really care about the sound of your instruments, then you need to be very discerning about the about the materials you use,” says Dave Lee, head engineer/designer at Jay Turser Guitars. “NuBone saddles and nuts produce a beautiful clarity and tone, and we are passionate about tone."

Located in British Columbia, Graph Tech Guitar Labs is the world’s leading guitar nut and saddle maker, with products that include Tusq and Black Tusq manmade ivory, String Saver saddles, String Saver Classics steel saddles and Ghost modular pickup systems. The company’s products are currently in use by Taylor Guitars, Martin Guitars, Larrivee, Ovation, Carvin, Fender, Fernandes, Godin, Ibanez, Peavey, Samick, Schecter, Gibson, Tacoma and Yamaha Custom Shop.

Jay Turser Guitars was developed in the Nineties with the goal of designing and building great-sounding and –playing guitars that the average musician could afford. The company’s current product line includes acoustic, electric, bass, and jazz guitars, as well as a line of amplifiers. Jay Turser guitars are distributed world wide. In the United States they are distributed exclusively by American Music and Sound at and in Canada by Coast Music at Available at leading music stores in every city.