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Billy Duffy Signature White Falcon: Gretsch Puts the Cult Guitarist’s Name on His Ax of Choice

Few guitars throughout history are as elegant, distinguished and iconic as the Gretsch White Falcon, a full-bodied behemoth once characterized by Guitar World’s own Alan di Perna as “the indisputable gold-trimmed Cadillac Coupe DeVille of the electric guitar universe.”

Since its introduction in 1955, only a handful of guitarists have been brave enough to embrace the White Falcon, and few do it with the grace and panache of the Cult’s Billy Duffy.

“The only thing I am emotionally attached to is my White Falcon,” Duffy told Guitar World in 2008. “It’s my longest-lasting possession, and it’s been everywhere with me.”

As Duffy is rarely seen without his White Falcon, it stands to reason that Gretsch would honor him with a signature model of the distinctive instrument.

The new G7593T Billy Duffy White Falcon guitar has various features that separate it from the rest of the Falcon line, namely its period-correct Seventies Baldwin-era styling, pure-white gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish, V-shaped Falcon headstock, Silver Sparkle binding, custom-wound hot “Black Top” Filter’Tron pickups with three-point adjustable Seventies-style metal bezels, and Duffy’s preferred Bigsby tailpiece.

In addition, the Duffy White Falcon features a single-cutaway three-ply maple body that’s 17 inches wide and 2 3/4 inches deep, a three-ply maple arched top and back, two parallel tone bars and sound-post bracing, a three-piece maple neck with ebony fingerboard, a chrome-plated truss-rod cover with Duffy’s signature, a chrome-plated output jack plate, pearloid wide-block fretboard inlays and Seventies-style aluminum “G” arrow knobs. The guitar comes in a premium gray-speckled Billy Duffy case.

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