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Contoured ESO Guitar Strap with Pick Holder Comes in Right- and Left-Handed Versions — Video

Unable to find the perfect guitar strap in 2014, co-creators Holly and Patrick Corcorran decided to design and manufacture the product they had imagined themselves. They call it the ESO Strap.

“We just kept looking and every strap was essentially the same; the only difference was the material, color or width," Holly Corcorran says.

"But they were all straight straps! We wanted to make a strap that combined flawless functionality and comfort while maintaining that sleek and timeless look everyone loves.”

The three main differentiators of the ESO Strap are:

•The patent-pending “fluid motion pick pocket” enables the artist to seamlessly replace or store their picks, bypassing any interruption to the music.

•The patent-pending contoured shape, designed to provide endless comfort by avoiding the artist’s most undesirable pressure points on the shoulder, neck and back.

•The unique shape is offered in a left- or right-handed version, making it the first product of its kind.

“This is more than a great product to us; it is our chance to build a different life," Patrick Corcorran adds. "We wanted to find a way to connect what we love with what we do. For us this was music, design, and entrepreneurship.”

The ESO Strap is made in Seattle, Wahington.

For more information, check out the video below and visit

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