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Cusack Music Announces Sweet Verb Reverb Pedal

Cusack Music has announced the release of the Sweet Verb. Based around the new Belton BTDR-3 reverb module, the Sweet Verb offers versatility and an intuitive user interface.

It features:

  • Separate Wet and Dry controls allow for any mix.
  • Adjustable decay time via the Size control. Go from subtle to cave with the twist of the knob.
  • A Texture control that adjusts the tone of the Wet signal.

The Sweet Verb is now available and in stock. Retail is $199.

Cusack Music is a US manufacturer of high-quality musical electronics under the Brand Names of Cusack Effects and Cusack Amps. Cusack Music users include: Adrian Legg, Jon Foreman, Michael Guy Chislett, Brooke Fraser and Mark Lee.

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