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Dean Zelinsky Talks About the Z-Glide Neck

(Image credit: Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars)

About three years ago, Dean Zelinsky, CEO of Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars, announced the issuance of his patent for a new guitar neck design, the Z-Glide.

According to the company, the Z-Glide greatly improves the overall playability and feel of the guitar and addresses that undesirable, tacky neck feel when a sweaty palm meets a conventional, glossy neck.

In the just-posted video below, Zelinsky—the Dean Guitars founder who also has designed models for Billy Gibbons, Dimebag Darrell and Leslie West (among others)—discusses the finer points and the roots of the Z-Glide.

"I had owned a laser and was making lots of guitar parts, including truss rod covers, backplates, pickguards, etc.," he says in the clip. "I then started experimenting with lasering 3D artwork on guitar tops—Crocskin and Snakeskin patterns.

"One day I'm looking at a Snakeskin body thinking how cool it looks, and I thought it would look cool on the neck too. And as soon as I said that, a lightbulb went off. I started thinking about a pattern that would reduce the surface area and ultimately the friction of a guitar neck; a better-feeling and playing neck without that sticky lacquer feel. I immediately went to the laser and started experimenting with some designs and eventually came up with the Z-Glide design and its been a hit ever since."

The Z-Glide is available on Zelinsky's Private Label Guitars, which are sold through his online store, Head there for more information.

Damian Fanelli

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