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Demo Video: Seymour Duncan Dimebucker Pickups

This video isn't exactly new; in fact, it was posted in 2012. However, we stumbled upon it this morning while checking out the Seymour Duncan blog.

We'll let the gang at Seymour Duncan set the scene:

"Keith Merrow [of the Faceless] tries out the pickup created for Dimebag Darrell. The Dimebucker uses a powerful ceramic magnet coupled with stainless steel blades for hard-hitting crunch.

"The SH-13 has both high d.c. resistance and a high resonant peak. The result is a high-output, aggressive humbucker with more treble bite and clarity than an SH-8 Invader; as well as punchy bass response and exceptional dynamics. The blades make the Dimebucker great for balanced bends. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable and its own form-fitting mounting ring.

"Wanna hear without the backing track? Check it out HERE."

For more about the Dimebucker SH-13, head HERE.