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Flower Pedals Unveils New Dandelion Tremolo V2

Flower Pedals has released the Dandelion Tremolo V2. The new iteration boasts four waveforms (ramp, triangle, sine and square), a dual mode for bouncing between two different speeds and tap tempo with four tap divisions.

The Dandelion boasts both standard and harmonic tremolo, along with three voicings for the harmonic mode. Controls are available for Boost, Depth, Speed and Shape.

Other features include an Exp/Tap jack, which allows the player to use either an external tap connection to control tap and ramp or an expression pedal (signal tip) to control the speed. An internal switch allows the player to choose between expression and tap.

The V2 is available for $249. 

For more information or to purchase, head to Flower Pedals.