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Four Handy Guitar Pedal Hacks

If you own guitar pedals—and of course you do—you’ve undoubtedly dealt with battery and power-supply issues, bad connections and leftover residue from the Velcro pads used to hold pedals on your pedal board.

In this video, Phillip McKnight demonstrates four handy guitar pedal hacks to deal with all of these issues and make working with pedals easier. All of the hacks are easy to perform, including two that involve same basic knowledge of electronics and wiring.

Phillip demonstrates how to make a convenient battery power supply for pedals that don’t take batteries by using the barrel connector from a wall wart and a nine-volt battery clip. He also shows how to remove glue residue left on pedals from stickers or Velcro pads, and how to prevent the Velcro pads from damaging or removing the manufacturer’s labels on the bottom of your pedal. He wraps up the video by showing how to make a handy diagnosis cable from a cable end and alligator clips that you can use to find shorts in your pedal board’s signal chain, test speakers and much more.

Take a look. And when you’re done, visit Phillip’s YouTube channel for more of his great and informative videos.