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Kyser Musical Products Launches Line of American-Made Guitar Straps — Video

Kyser Musical Products has launched its new line of American-made guitar straps.

These straps feature a front elastic/leather slip (the "capo-keeper") for secure storage of your Kyser Quick-Change when not in use. The "capo-keeper" also can easily and securely hold a guitar slide or harmonica.

Kyser guitar straps are made of custom-printed poly twill and recycled leather. The strap's unique design features a padded body that leads to an extra-long tail that can quickly be adjusted from 45 to 55 inches.

There are 12 unique, completely custom designs on brown leather and on black leather.

Kyser guitar straps are 100 percent made by hand in the U.S. MSRP: $69.95

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