Best guitar capos 2024: top choice capos for acoustic and electric guitar

A guitar capo on an acoustic guitar
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Despite their simple design and relative low-cost, the best guitar capos are powerful additions to any guitarists arsenal. When used effectively, a capo will open up your creative potential rejuvenating your tired old chord progressions and adding another tool to your songwriting.

Here at Guitar World we've been using capos for years, whether its just transposing a chord progression to a different key or completely revoicing a composition for two different guitars during recording. We've tested all the different kinds of capo, whether they're quick release, trigger capos, or the kind you screw on with a clamp. We've used capos at gigs, at home during songwriting sessions, and in the studio to change things up, so we've got a great overview of which are most effective, whether playing electric, acoustic, classical, or 12-string guitars.

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