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Mad Hatter Guitar Products Introduces New DVDT- 4/2 System

(Image credit: Mad Hatter)

Mad Hatter Guitar Products has introduced its new DVDT- 4/2 system, the latest addition to Mad Hatter's Transformer series of Terminator systems.

The Terminator DVDT- 4/2 system is designed specifically for LP style guitars, and/or guitars with a 3-way switch, two volumes, two tone controls and two humbucker pickups with coil-splitting capabilities.

Unlike other Terminator systems in the Transformer Series, the Terminator DVDT- 4/2 System incorporates two Push/Pull Tone Pots (one for each pickup) that gives the guitar additional tonal options.

The 4/2 P/P Tone Pots not only split their respective pickups, but also change the value of the pickup’s respective Goes to Eleven Volume Pot from 500k to 250k. This provides a more authentic single coil experience with minimal volume loss.

Like all Terminator systems, the Terminator DVDT- 4/2 system includes a Switchcraft output jack.

The Terminator DVDT- 4/2 start at $112.99.

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