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Magnetic Effects Unveils Zig Zag Overdrive Pedal

(Image credit: courtesy of Magnetic Effects)

Following the release of the Midphoria V2 Fixed Wah Booster, London-based Magnetic Effects has unveiled the Zig Zag dual-stage drive pedal.

The new stompbox combines a tube-like Jfet preamp with a second opamp/diode based gain stage.

Controls on the Zig Zag include Volume, Gain, Treble, Bass and Preamp knobs, as well as an EQ switch. According to Magnetic, the Gain and Preamp knobs are voiced so that dialing in differing amounts of each changes the overall response of the feel, EQ and gain characteristics.

Additionally, toggling up or down from the stock middle post of the EQ switch changes the overall EQ voicing of the pedal by adding increasing amounts of low and low mids.

The Zig Zag also features true bypass, top-mounted jacks and voltage doubler.

The new pedal sells for $175 and is available for purchase beginning August 1 at Magnetic Effects.