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Manson Guitar Works Announces Model Upgrades

Manson Guitar Works has announced updates to its MA Classic and MA EVO lines of guitars.

Upgrades to both lines include new Manson spec’d custom CTS potentiometers, Manson engraved neckplates and Orange Drop capacitors.

Additionally, the 2019 MA EVO guitars feature a neck position pickup resized as a full humbucker for wider tonal and switching options, a Gotoh bridge and tailpiece upgraded hardware and the option of a ‘Stage Two Tune’ upgrade pack, which includes Psychopaf covered dual humbuckers and 2019 Manson custom hardware.

The 2019 MA Classic models boast dual USA TV Jones pickups, a Gotoh bridge and tailpiece upgraded hardware or the option of a USA B5 Bigsby.

All MA Classic and MA EVO models will also now be hardwired and assembled in Manson’s U.K. workshops

The full MA range will be revealed in the coming weeks. 

For more information, head over to Manson Guitar Works.