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NAMM 2012 Video: New VOX Gear, Including Delay Lab, Hand-wired Wah, AC4C1 Amp and AC4 Hand-wired Amp

Here's Brian Gabriel from VOX Amplification showing off several new products at the VOX Tone booth at the 2012 Winter NAMM show last week.

New VOX gear includes the Delay Lab pedal, which offers 30 presets and a 28-second looper (There's so much more to say about the Delay Lab; to read more about it -- and see another video -- head here); the Hand-wired wah pedal, which offers lots of fine mid-range tones; the AC4C1 amp in Blue; the AC4 Hand-wired amp and the Tony Bruno TB18 amp.

For more info about most of these products, watch the video below. For more about the 2012 VOX offerings, check out their official website.

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