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Orange Amplification Introduces the OMEC Teleport

Orange Amplification has resurrected its Seventies-era OMEC brand with the Teleport, an audio interface for the studio and for gigging.

The OMEC Teleport is a universal connection device compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows devices, without the need for any specific drivers or software requirements. It converts analogue audio signals to digital, enabling them to be processed with one of a number of available applications, including AmpliTube CS Orange Edition from IK Multimedia, which the Teleport is supplied with.

The Mono IN and Stereo OUT are delivered by a low-noise buffer, giving unlimited scope for stereo signal experimentation. Designed to fit alongside guitar and bass pedals when playing live, the OMEC Teleport allows external DSP effects to be used anywhere in a pedalboard signal chain, such as those from a mobile phone. It also allows digital signals to be reproduced as analogue and played through mixers, D.I. boxes and amplifiers.

You can watch a demo of the product below.

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