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Photo Gallery: Reverend Sensei RA Guitar

Here's a photo gallery of one of the recent arrivals here at the Guitar World office in New York City: a Reverend Sensei RA in Satin Black.

The new RA model, part of Reverend's set-neck series of electric guitars, is aimed at the heavy rock player and has a faster feel, tighter tone and more aggressive attack. Features include the new Railhammer Chisel pickups, ebony fretboard and a satin finish.

The Sensei RA is the world's first production guitar to use Railhammer pickups, which keep the lows tight and the highs fat, thanks to a combination of rails and poles. You can get a closer look in the photo gallery below.

For more about the Reverend Sensei RA, visit the guitar's page at

For more about Railhammer Chisel pickups, click here.

Photos: Nick Vallese

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