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Railhammer Announces Hyper Vintage Pickups with Chrome Covers

Railhammer has announced that its Hyper Vintage model pickups are now available with chrome covers.

The covers are made of German silver (nickel silver) and are chrome plated. Unlike brass, German silver has a minimal effect on the sound of the pickup.

The Hyper Vintage pickup is aimed at the player who likes a more traditional PAF-style sound. Using Alnico 5 magnets and 42 gauge wire, the tone is warm, open and lightly compressed with chimey highs. The Hyper Vintage is suited for blues, classic rock, old-school metal and punk, that "brown" sound, or for any player looking for a vintage vibe but wants the advantages of the Railhammer design. The bridge model is wound to 8.5K, the neck model to 7.5K.

Thin rails under the wound strings sense a narrow section of string, producing a tight, clear tone. Large poles under the plain strings sense a wide section of string, producing a fat, thick tone. This allows players to dial in a tight clear tone on the wound strings without the plain strings sounding thin or sterile. The result is improved clarity and tonal balance across all the strings.

Touch sensitivity, sustain and harmonic content are also enhanced by the extremely efficient magnetic structure, and the elimination of any moving parts. The strong magnetic field also prevents any dead spots when bending strings (including on the round pole side).

Other features include universal spacing, six-screw German silver baseplate, four-conductor wiring (for custom wiring such as coil split, phase, series/parallel, etc.) and height-tapered rails that contribute to consistent volume across all the strings.

The patent-pending Railhammers are designed by Joe Naylor.

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