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Rotosound Adds 8-String Set to Its Roto Yellow Series

Rotosound has introduced a new 8-string guitar set to its Roto Yellow series.

The new 8-string set (R10-8) delivers a smooth, powerful tone. The gauges are 10, 13,17,30w, 42w, 54w, 64w and 74w ("w" denotes a wound string). The extra strings allow you to set free crashing lows and help you achieve new depths of heavy chords. The additional 64w and 74w strings offer deep rich tones and with a bottom B and F♯ you will now be able to make the ground rumble!

These nickel-on-steel strings are made to the same exacting standards as all Rotosound strings. Their "British" tone, long life and unbeatable consistency make these a must for the discerning 8-string guitar player. Not for the faint-hearted!

Check out the video of Alex Hutchings using the new Rotosound 8-string set below.

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